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New Podcast! “Eat Your Plants Off with Stefanie Ignoffo” [NEW PODCAST] Eat Your Plants Off with Stefanie Ignoffo Listen here: #Vegan #Plantbased #Frontrow #JenLehner — Jen Lehnerđź—Ł”Alexa, launch Front Row Entrepreneur” (@jenrgy) November 10, 2021

Chef AJ & Plantspiration®

John and Stefanie Ignoffo, founders of Plantspiration. Stefanie is a Plant Interventionist, Food For Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine and a Lifestyle Medicine Coach, together they educate, motivate, and inspire people around the world to adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle in order to prevent and reverse health issues including heart […]

Green Food Pyramid

“THE INCREDIBLE WEIGHT LOSS OF THE IGNOFFO FAMILY! ⚖️ Stefanie Ignoffo is a plant interventionist, founder of Plantspiration NFP Inc., and Food For Life Instructor. In 2013 Stefanie made her family lose 240lbs overall after turning vegan! How did she do that? Let’s ask Stefanie Ignoffo”

Susan Rowland

” Stefanie Ignoffo From Plantspiration Talks About The Secrets Of Losing Weight. I’m very excited to talk to Stefanie Ignoffo about eating a whole food plant based lifestyle and her business Plantspiration. Plantspiration seeks to educate, motivate, and inspire people around the world to adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle. Stefanie shares her weight loss […]

Elysabeth Alfonso

“Fab friend Stefanie Ignoffo From Plantspiration Brings the Hope For EXTREME WEIGHT. She and her family lost 250 pounds. They can do it and so can you!”

Healthy Living with Dr. Ajay Shah

“Dr. Aajay Shah sits down with special guest, Stefanie Ignoffo. She is a health coach, and personal/family transformation. They discuss how to have a healthy family.”

Dr. Nick Delgado Live

“I was notified that I was on a Live YouTube Interview on Friday and that I looked great. I thought it went well! ”

Exam Room Live

Physician Committee For Responsible Medicine Exam Room LIVE Podcast with Dr. Barnard “Family Loses 250 Pounds By Going Vegan”