Jenn Lehner

New Podcast! “Eat Your Plants Off with Stefanie Ignoffo” [NEW PODCAST] Eat Your Plants Off with Stefanie Ignoffo Listen here: #Vegan #Plantbased #Frontrow #JenLehner — Jen Lehner🗣”Alexa, launch Front Row Entrepreneur” (@jenrgy) November 10, 2021

Elysabeth Alfonso

“Fab friend Stefanie Ignoffo From Plantspiration Brings the Hope For EXTREME WEIGHT. She and her family lost 250 pounds. They can do it and so can you!”

Healthy Living with Dr. Ajay Shah

“Dr. Aajay Shah sits down with special guest, Stefanie Ignoffo. She is a health coach, and personal/family transformation. They discuss how to have a healthy family.”