Healthy Living with Dr. Ajay Shah

“Dr. Aajay Shah sits down with special guest, Stefanie Ignoffo. She is a health coach, and personal/family transformation. They discuss how to have a healthy family.”

Dr. Nick Delgado Live

“I was notified that I was on a Live YouTube Interview on Friday and that I looked great. I thought it went well! ”

Exam Room Live

Physician Committee For Responsible Medicine Exam Room LIVE Podcast with Dr. Barnard “Family Loses 250 Pounds By Going Vegan”

Healthy Human Revolution

“Our next Healthy Human Highlight presented by Healthy Human Revolution! Tag someone who would be inspired by the amazing Ignoffo family!”

 The Exam Room Podcast

“The Ignoffo Family Loses 250 pounds together after everyone began eating a vegan diet!”