Plantspiration® live in-person! Join in on their mission to educate, motivate, and inspire people around the world to embrace a plant-based lifestyle for the health, the animals and our mother earth.

Latrobe, PA

MAY 12th, 2022

Pittsburgh, PA

MAY 14th, 2022



Featured Recipes!

How to go vegan at the grocery store

Join me on this quick trip through the grocery store pointing out the most important sections. I point out where to get your protein and foods to avoid in order to prevent and reverse chronic disease, make a positive impact on the planet and live!

Plantspiration Ask the Expert!

Each month Plantspiration® Hosts ASK THE PLANT BASED EXPERT via Zoom with a fresh topic from an expert in the plant-based world! This is for anyone looking to learn more about our organization, the power of plants and a community to support it!

Lunch & Learn!

I love doing Lunch and Learn for my Plantspiration® Members and today I am sharing with you! Let me teach what a LOW FAT HIGH FIBER Whole food plant based lifestyle looks like and how to EAT YOUR PLANTS OFF, lose weight, prevent and reverse disease without counting calories, points,

A day in the life of Plantspiration

📣A day in the life of Plantspiration NFP Inc. We teach people how to prevent and reverse chronic disease, lose weight, 🌱laugh😂, and love💚 more! #StopDIEting and start living! 🌱

Year in Review!

It’s been another busy year of growing our non profit Plantspiration® Not only do we love it but we have fun educating, motivating and inspiring people around the world to Eat Your Plants Off!

Stefanie & John on Chef Ajay LIVE!

John and Stefanie Ignoffo, founders of Plantspiration. Stefanie is a Plant Interventionist, Food For Life Instructor with the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine and a Lifestyle Medicine Coach, together they educate, motivate, and inspire people around the world to adopt a whole food plant-based lifestyle in order to prevent and reverse health issues including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, autoimmune disorders, obesity, and chronic illnesses.

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Nobody likes eating raw veggies and nobody has to do it if they don’t want to. Luckily for you, getting your membership doesn’t require raw veggies! We all grew up eating poorly seasoned greens and mushy veggies, when you show up to the weekly cooking class you will be blown away by how good these dishes look- and how easy they are too!

No. Your body will thank you along with your wallet because going whole food plant-based is very affordable and you may even find that your grocery bills decrease as you won’t be spending nearly as much money on meat, cheese, and other processed animal products. 

That’s why attending our nutrition education and cooking classes and community events are so important! You will learn how to be a plant based pro in no time keeping it simple easy and delicious all the time. 

All plants contain protein and all protein comes from plants. Calcium also comes from plants. Cows are vegan and you will learn so many more things that will blow your mind.